Sans 10400 xa pdf

sans 10400 xa pdf

The majority of South Africas buildings were designed and built in a time when electricity was cheap, but constant price hikes are making them increasingly expensive to live and work in, and less affordable to their occupants.
The Prescriptive Route can be followed by all persons and is generally used for houses and smaller buildings.Three routes to compliance.Buildings that use energy because people occupy them are the main focus of these new regulations.Encouraging energy efficiency, there are three routes to compliance in the wording of the Regulation: Prescriptive route all in one pc 2560x1440 by following specific requirements regarding the design and construction of the building, including services such as the hvac (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) installation.Reference building route requires rational design by a competent professional to demonstrate that the buildings theoretical annual energy consumption and demand do not exceed the values for a reference building that complies with the requirements of the prescriptive route.Those renovations to existing buildings that require planning approval from a local authority also need to be compliant.South African National Standard (sans our government is now focusing on improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings by retrofitting and ensuring that new buildings are designed to be as energy efficient as possible.Garages and storage areas that dont lie within the building envelope and are not part of the habitable area do not have to comply with these regulations.
XA2 says that not more than 50 of the annual volume of domestic hot water must be heated using electricity.
So how is compliance achieved?
Regulating energy use, so which buildings are affected?
Hotels are the only residential buildings to which the Performance Route is applicable; it cannot be used for residential homes.
XA3 makes it so that compliance with the XA1 Regulations can be achieved by one of three methods.
The same logic applies to factories and the operational aspects of businesses.
Compliance through the Reference Building Route or Performance Route can be achieved through the drafting, submission and approval of a Rational Design by a specialist Competent Person Energy.No rational design is required with this route.All new buildings must comply with regulations, as must any additions and extensions to existing buildings.Performance route requires rational design by a competent person to demonstrate that the buildings theoretical annual energy consumption and demand do not exceed the values specified in the Standard.Pdf, henshall-Howard, P, The National Building Regulations, Part XA: Energy Efficiency, what the National Building Regulations say about Alterations and Additions to Existing Buildings, /sans-10400x-xa a developers guide to compliance in home design.The South African National Standard (sans) 10400-XA and the sans 204 Regulations are an attempt made by government to regulate energy use and encourage energy efficiency in building.This route requires that a checklist of rules be followed for water heating, insulation and glazed glass areas.If an addition does not affect an existing building, then only the addition will require regulatory compliance.For further information, read: Gyuricza, V, Policy Pathways: Energy performance certification of buildings, the South African Institute of Architectural Technologists, Guidance on How to Comply with Regulation XA, /XA20guide.The requirements for the services are detailed in sans 204.Its because of concerns about climate change and rising costs that energy is becoming a core focus in the way buildings are now designed.South African National Building 10400XA Regulations now require the following: XA1 says that buildings should utilise energy efficiently and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with a checklist of requirements.

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