Neverwinter nights 1.22 patch

neverwinter nights 1.22 patch

It must have a TLK extension to be seen by the toolset and the game.
The class description of Stormlord has been changed to reflect the skills acdsee pro 6 licence key available.
Made adjustments to the number of enemies that Chain Lighting will affect.Fixed an issue that caused the 2d/3d bias option setting to not save.Fixed the Warpriest Implacable Foe ability, so it will not trigger attacks from companions if allied NPCs get affected.Familiars will always follow their masters, unless told to stand their ground.Cacophonic Burst: will be properly maximized if having caster level below 15 (will not do full 90 points of damage anymore).Fixed Extract Water Elemental, so only non-living creatures kao the kangaroo game full version are immune to it (Constructs and Undead and not everyone who has immunity to Death magic (just like Horrid Wilting).Fixed a bug where certain player area transitioning during a module transition caused the server to crash.Glyph of Warding spell will no longer affect creatures outside its area of effect (vfx_persistent.2da change).Create Undead now randomly summons an 11 HD mummy, wraith, or ghast.The difficulty of the Priory of the Depths puzzle has been adjusted.
Two new module properties are available to designate a module as needing NX1 (Mast of the Betrayer or NX2 (Storm of Zehir).
The quest will now update properly.
The dragon companion's breath weapon damage output has been adjusted.
Fixed an issue that allowed the scrying orb to give unlimited.
The damage caused by the fire genasi's Reach to the Blaze ability has been adjusted.Fixed an issue with unlimited loot in some areas.Fixed a bug where replacing a resource could cause the Hak Pak to become corrupted.Storm of Zehir Campaign Fixes Reduced the spawn rate and maximum number of encounters on the overland map.The Jagged Tooth spell will now work when used on magical beasts or dragons (Dragon Companion and Druid epic wildshape forms included).The visual effects of the Solipsism spell have been changed.(Work in progress - does not affect dragon companions).Fixed a bug in "One party only" game where the DM possesses hostile creature, then player joins and gets added to hostile creature's party.Creature Abilities Fixed the Angel Protective Aura used by Planetars and Solars, so it affects all his allies.Fixed issues related to customizing a character's package in the party editor.Neverwinter Nights 2 Game Update.22.Chir's familiar will no longer be nameless.Fixed a sequence issue with the"rath of Umberlee" das ding kultliederbuch pdf quest.

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